Ideas For Adding A Gazebo To Your Backyard

A gazebo is a classic addition to landscape architecture. The freestanding, octagonal structure provides shade and comfort while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. While the traditional gazebo is a solid structure with a pitched roof and open sides, there are many customization options for adding one to your backyard. Add a gazebo to enhance your enjoyment of outdoor living.

Classic Gazebo

A classically styled gazebo creates images of romance. As Home and Garden TV points out, a traditional gazebo usually features ornate trim, scalloped shingles and carved columns. This style of gazebo blends well with a flower garden. Create a destination space by locating the gazebo in an already pretty area and adding romantic flowers around the perimeter of the structure. Roses are traditional, but other old-fashioned flowers such as iris, cowbells and morning glory work well, too.

Wide-Open Design

Technically, all that's needed to make a structure a gazebo is eight sides. If you want to keep your garden plan as open as possible, consider starting with just a gazebo frame. From there, add lattice or even cord for the roof. You could use hanging or climbing plants for shade. It's even possible to rig screens or more hanging plants for additional protection in your wide-open gazebo.

Modernist Structure

Along those same lines, another option is to take a gazebo to its most basic elements. For instance, instead of adding a hexagonal structure to your yard, consider a circular one. Rounding out the corners brings the gazebo to a more basic geometry characteristic of modern design. Indeed, consider eschewing a roof altogether and instead top columns with semi-circles that reinforce the contemporary lines of your gazebo.

Patio Gazebo

Adding a gazebo to your patio makes the space even more functional. You can use the structure to protect your dining area or to delineate an outdoor lounge. A patio gazebo can be a classical structure, or you could choose to match it to your overall patio design. For instance, if you have a Mediterranean-influenced design on your patio, consider painting a basic gazebo white and hanging geraniums from the top.

Hot Tub Shelter

One of the most common uses for a gazebo is as a shelter for a hot tub. However, make your hot tub gazebo a destination space. For instance, include amenities such as seating and hooks for robes. A drinks cooler is another convenient addition. Likewise, make the space pretty. Blend the borders between the gazebo and the garden with landscaping. For example, in place of hanging containers, consider training climbing plants up the sides of the gazebo. Likewise, create a foundation garden around the sides of the structure. Such landscaping makes your gazebo a more cohesive aspect of your backyard.

When planning for your gazebo, make sure you test the location so the view of the structure and from the structure is attractive. As you plan, carefully consider your landscape architecture, so that you don't unintentionally block sunlight to gardens or shrubs.