Learn How To Properly Edge Your Flowerbeds With Edging Pavers

Having a beautifully manicured lawn requires you to create borders around the edges of your flowerbeds. If you do not create a border around your flowerbed, the mulch that you use will wash into the yard whenever it rains, which can create quite a mess. The following guide walks you through the quick and easy process for edging your flowerbeds with edging pavers.

Rake Your Mulch

The first thing you need to do is rake your mulch away from the edges to the center of the flowerbed. This allows you to see where you want the edge of the flowerbed to be and ensures that all of the mulch is out of the way when you go to install the edging pavers.

Measure the Edges of Your Flowerbeds

You need to measure around the edges of your flowerbeds so you can determine how many edging pavers you need to purchase at the home improvement store. Use a tape measure to measure the edges if they are straight edges. If your flowerbed is a circle or rounded, use your hose to measure the bed. Wrap the hose around the edges of the flowerbed and then make a mark on either end of the hose where it meets when wrapped around the bed with a washable marker. Straighten the hose out and measure it with the measuring tape to determine how many feet of edging pavers you need for that particular flower bed. Wash away the marks and do the same thing for any other beds you need to measure.

Purchase the Edging Pavers

Go to a home improvement store and take a look at the selection of edging pavers that are available. Once you have found the pavers that you find the most attractive, measure the paver to determine how long it is. Take the number of feet around the flowerbeds that you need to edge and divide it by the length of the individual edging paver. This allows you to know how many of the pavers you need to buy for your flowerbeds.

Edge Your Flowerbeds

When you get home, dig a small trench around each flowerbed that is roughly a half-inch deep. Be sure the trench is wide enough for the pavers to sit into. The trench ensures that the pavers stay put and don't fall over when it rains. Place the edging pavers into the trench around all of the flowerbeds. 

Once you have finished edging all of your flowerbeds, you can spread the mulch out with the rake all the way to the edging pavers. The flowerbeds will have a very finished look to them and you will no longer have to worry about mulch spreading all over your landscaping.