These Store Bought Plants Can Ruin Your Yard

If you are someone who loves gardening, plants, and flowers, then it may be hard for you to resist plants for sale in the store. However, you will want to do some research before you put just any plant in your yard or garden. Something that you buy on a whim in the store could actually ruin your landscape. Here are some popular store bought plants that you should be wary of.

Calla Lily

This is a very popular flower and it may be hard to resist when you see this gorgeous plant for sale at the store. If you do give in and buy it, then make sure you don't plant it in your flowerbed. This plant can take over your flowerbed and lawn in a hurry. The best way to enjoy calla lilies is to plant it in a container.

Morning Glory

This plant is hard to resist with its beautiful blooms and foliage. However, once planted it takes over landscape with incredible speed and determination. Then, the fight will be on to rid the plant from your garden or yard. A fight that you will probably lose unless you want to get rid of all the plants in your landscape.

Tree of Heaven

If you notice the Tree of Heaven for sale in the store, then run the other way. Even though its name sounds serene, it can actually be a nightmare for your landscape. It became popular due to being fast growing and offering lots of shade. However, this tree produces hundreds of thousands of seeds, which can ruin your neat and tidy yard in a hurry. It has invasive roots that can damage nearby plants, buildings, and roads. If all that wasn't enough, it also gives off a chemical that can kill off adjacent plants.

Fountain Grass

If you see a container of fountain grass, don't be tempted. Even in containers it can be hazardous for your yard. Its seeds spread at an incredible rate and will begin growing everywhere in your yard. If a lot of it grows in dry areas, then it can cause a risk for wildfire as well.

Multiflora Rose

You can see the problem in the beginning of this plant's name: multi. This is another plant that multiplies out of control. Even when planted in a container you could have problems as birds are known to spread their seeds.

There are many plants sold in stores that are a great addition to your yard, but you need to be cautious before you buy a plant that you're not familiar with. The next time you see a good deal for a plant in the store, do your homework and make sure it will work with your landscape. You can even speak with professionals like Maddox Garden Center & Landscaping, Inc. you can help keep your yard looking the way you want it and healthy.