How To Design Your Landscaping To Make Snow Cleanup Easier

While most people like walking through an open field covered in snow, few people like when snow falls on their house and they have to dig out. Did you ever stop to think that your landscaping design might be making you spend more time on the unenjoyable chore and less time actually enjoying the snow? Here are some landscaping moves you can make to make the cleanup job easier.

Keep Your Paths Smooth and Open

Many homes have a front path that zig zags. Maybe the designer wanted to reach the sidewalk, driveway, and front door in a single path, or maybe they just thought it looked good.

Whatever the reason, a zig zagging path removes the fastest way to remove snow — using long, sweeping motions with a big shovel, hand plow, or blower. The more your paths change direction, the more you need to change directions to shovel and the less you can get in one scoop.

Leave a Buffer Next to Your Driveway and Sidewalk

When designing your landscaping, think about where you're going to put the snow. A fence or bush lined sidewalk might look good on paper and during the summer, but it blocks your snow removal efforts during the winter.

If you leave a flat buffer of grass or gravel, you can just push the snow to the side. If you don't have a buffer, you have to work to push all of the snow all the way down to the end of the driveway or sidewalk. From there, you probably have to move it again somewhere off to the side so it isn't blocking the road or a neighbor's path.

Reroute Melting Snow

After you shovel, your work isn't done. You also need to make sure that melting snow doesn't refreeze overnight on your driveway or sidewalk as ice for someone to slip on. Additionally, no one likes stepping in slush puddles.

Take care that your driveway and sidewalk isn't a low point in your yard. If it is, use fill dirt to change the slope of the yard, or install drainage to intercept the flow of water.

Another good reason to reroute melting snow is so you can salt your driveway and sidewalk without worrying about the salt being washed into your grass and killing it.

To learn more about how to design your landscaping to make snow cleanup easier or to get a quote on a professional landscaping job, contact a local landscaping contractor--like one from Eliot's Landscape LLC--today.