Two Landscaping Tips To Help Your Yard Avoid Problems

The quality of the landscaping around your house can play an important role in determining the overall aesthetics of the property as well as ensuring that erosion is controlled. Unfortunately, many first-time homeowners may not have experience with landscaping, and this might lead them to make some simple mistakes that can have major consequences for both their lawns and their homes. To avoid these issues, you can use the following couple of tips.

Avoid Watering The Lawn Late At Night

It is commonly assumed that a lawn should not be watered during the heat of the day, and this can cause some homeowners to water their lawns at night when they get home from work. While this may seem like a harmless decision, it can actually pose serious problems for the plants in your yard. When you water the lawn at night, the soil and roots will stay wet for much of the night and the next morning. If this repeatedly happens, it can create conditions which are prime for molds to start growing on the plants' root systems.

You can help avoid this problem by making sure to water the plants during the early morning hours. This will help minimize the problems that come from daytime watering while ensuring that the soil will dry before molds can start attacking your plants.

Place Large Plants Several Feet Away From The Home

The placement of your shrubs in an important decision that you will have to make. Many homeowners will take the approach of placing these shrubs close to the home in an attempt to hide exposed portions of the foundation, but this can lead to some serious complications for the home.

Over time, the roots of these plants will start to grow into the home's foundation, which can cause cracking, buckling and other issues for this critical part of the home. To mitigate this threat, you should make sure to keep these plants several feet from the home. The exact distance needed will vary based on the type of plant and how its root system operates, but most landscaping experts will be able to easily tell you how far specific plants should be placed away from the home.

Maintaining a home's landscaping is a major task for anyone to do. Due to the various factors that must be considered, it is easy for homeowners to overlook some of the important considerations that are needed. In particular, understanding the benefits of early morning waterings as well as the need to keep bushy plants away from the house can drastically reduce the chances that your home's landscaping experiences routine problems. Contact a landscaping company, like L & L Excavation & Landscaping or another business, for more tips and info.