Integrate Your Backyard Chickens Into Your Landscaping With These Ideas

Backyard chickens are becoming all the rage, and adding them to your yard doesn't mean it has to look like a farm. Instead, you can integrate your chicken coop into the rest of your landscaping. Here's some ideas to inspire you:

1. Make a chicken island.

Most municipalities that allow backyard chickens have setback rules outlining how close the chickens can be to your property line. As a result, that can sometimes limit you from placing your chicken coop in a corner of your yard, but it can also inspire you to create a chicken island or a small area completely devoted to chickens in the middle of your yard.

Instead of hiding the chicken coop, make it the focus of your landscaping. Integrate decorative elements such as a bird bath or a little pond, and orient patios and decks so you can sit and watch your chickens play and peck.

2. Build matching houses.

You can buy a huge range of premanufactured chicken coops, but if you want your coop to be a landscaping coup, consider building a custom coop that matches your house. The coop could mimic the style of your home or just share the same colors for the walls, roof and trim, and you can build it yourself or commission someone to do it.

3. Integrate the chicken coop and your garden.

Whether you choose matching houses or not, consider integrating your chickens' living area into other parts of your landscaping. For example, if you have a flower or vegetable garden, set up a chicken run, a covered spot for the chickens to run around outside the coop, and position it over your garden during the fall and winter months.

That way, when the garden is follow, the chickens can fertilize it with their poo, and when you are ready to plant the garden, you simply move the chicken run to another part of your yard.

4. Create a miniature fence.

When putting together a chicken run, you typically need a bit of fencing covered with chicken wire. The fence protects your chickens from predators such as foxes, and the overhead coverage protects your chickens from flying threats such as bald eagles or hawks.

However, if you want a chicken run that matches the rest of your landscaping, consider mirroring your existing fence. If you have chainlink, make a mini chainlink fence, but if you have a wood privacy fence, make a small version of that around your chicken fence.

If you like, you can create even more style resonance by surrounding the fences with similar landscaping materials. For example, if you have a mulch border, a flower garden or a bed of rocks near your existing fence, building that type of border near the fence that is part of your chicken area as well.

Want more landscaping ideas that keep your chickens in mind? Then, contact a professional, like Estate Landscape, who offers landscaping services.