2 Ways To Use Concrete In Your Garden

Spending time landscaping your home's exterior can result in the creation of an outdoor living space that you will enjoy spending time in. If you are looking to maintain a modern design aesthetic in your yard, incorporating concrete into your garden can be a simple way to achieve this goal.

Here are two simple projects you can complete using concrete that will elevate the design of your garden in the future.

1. Create a concrete planter.

Planters can placed anywhere in your garden to house colorful flowers. Adding some interest to your garden space by creating a concrete planter can be a great way to incorporate a modern element into your outdoor design.

All you need to construct your own concrete planter is an old towel, some quick-drying concrete, two buckets, and your imagination. Mix your quick-drying concrete in one bucket according to the manufacturer's directions. You can add a concrete pigment if you want your planters to be more colorful. Dip your towel into the concrete until it has been fully saturated.

Turn the other bucket on its top, and drape the towel over it. Once the towel has dried you will have a unique and modern concrete planter to place in your garden.

2. Create a concrete patio space.

Patio areas can enhance your garden by providing a space where you can sit and enjoy your outdoor landscape. Concrete makes the perfect material when it comes to constructing a patio. You can easily make your patio more modern by using large pavers instead of small ones.

Start by leveling out the ground in the area where you want your patio to be. Use 2x4 studs to create large frames that will serve as templates for your concrete planters, and lay these frames out in a design that is aesthetically pleasing. Mix some concrete according to the manufacturer's directions, and pour into your frames. Level off the concrete and allow it to dry completely (see manufacturer's directions for recommended drying time).

Remove your wood frames once the concrete is dry, and add some colorful gravel to the spaces between your pavers. Using large concrete pavers can easily make your outdoor living space more elegant and modern.

Finding ways to incorporate concrete into your outdoor design doesn't have to be difficult. Try making a planter using an old towel and some concrete or creating a patio using large concrete pavers to ensure your garden reflects your modern and chic sense of style.