2 Reasons To Hire A Commercial Landscaping Service

One of the most useful services to take advantage of as a business owner is a commercial landscaping service, mostly because they will be able to offer you a wide range of benefits. Listed below are two reasons to hire a commercial landscaping service. 

Create A Lawn That Uses Little Water

A major concern that many commercial property owners have is trying to save as much money as possible, but that can be quite difficult if you are attempting to water and maintain a large piece of greenery in or near your facility. However, a commercial landscaping service can provide you with a range of options that can cut down on your water usage and save you a bit of money. For example, the landscaping company may recommend utilizing zoysia grass for your grounds, mostly because it can survive off of very little water. 

Another benefit to utilizing a drought-tolerant grass like zoysia is the fact that many of them are also quite tolerant of traffic. This means that your grass will be just fine if one or more of your employees wants to relax on the grass during a break or cross the grass to get to work. 

In addition, a commercial landscaping service can offer to install rock gardens, patio areas, walkways, or other options that can cut down on the amount of grass on your grounds. This will lead to less required watering and is ideal for use in areas that do not get a lot of rainfall. Some areas will even give you tax breaks or a check if you convert a portion of your lawn into something that does not require water.

Plant Trees That Are Appropriate For Your Area

You will also want to hire a commercial landscaping service to ensure that the most appropriate trees for your climate and area are utilized. For example, if your facility is located in an area with severe windstorms, then a landscaping service will know to avoid planting trees with shallow root systems that are more likely to fall over when the wind strikes. In addition, the service will also know to avoid planting trees with shallow root systems near your parking lot or road as the roots can get under the asphalt or concrete and begin destroying it.

Contact a commercial landscaping service today to discuss what options they can offer to improve your facility's grounds. These services can help you save money by created landscaping that requires less watering while also ensuring that any trees that they plant are appropriate for your area.