Six Tips To Wake Up Your Landscape In Late Winter

Late winter is the time to prepare your landscaping for the coming of spring. As the snow melts and the days get longer, time outside can be enjoyable as well as necessary. The following tips can help you know what tasks need to be performed at this time.

Tip #1: Prune your evergreens

Cut back evergreen hedges before the flush of new growth in spring. Not only does this ensure that the hedges look good come summer, there also won't be a lot of messy sap since the hedges are still semi-dormant. Make each cut directly in front of a leaf or needle cluster so there are no bare branches tips poking out.

Tip #2: Cut out damage

Late winter is also a suitable pruning time for any non-spring or early summer flowering deciduous trees or hedges. You can thin and shape these plants. Flowering deciduous trees and hedges can have winter damaged branches and twigs removed at this time, but major pruning should occur after flowering.

Tip #3: Rake the lawn

No matter how well you raked in the fall, fresh debris likely collected during winter and it is now matting down the grass since the snow has melted. Give the yard a thorough rake to remove all of this debris and to break up any mats in the grass.

Tip #4: Clean and mulch the flower beds

Get ready for spring flowers by pulling out any dead annuals from fall and cutting back dead perennials. Remove any debris and apply a fresh layer of mulch to the bed. You can even get away with planting some cool season annuals, such as pansies, for early color.

Tip #5: Apply your fertilizer

If you didn't put down a fall fertilizer, then now is the time for spring fertilization of the lawn. Use a nitrogen-rich early season fertilizer to encourage early greening of the lawn. Just wait until there is actual growth on the lawn before making the first application, as you don't want the fertilizer to burn still dormant grass.

Tip #6: Reseed bare areas

Late winter, just as the grass begins to green, is when patchy areas of thin grass are first evident. This is also a good time to lay down some grass seed over these thin areas. By the time your lawn is actively growing in a few weeks, the seeds will have germinated and established.

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