3 Useful Services A Turf Management Company Can Provide To Residential Properties

Turfgrass is beloved by many homeowners because of the rich green colors it provides, helping them elevate their curb appeal. It does require some maintenance, though, which won't be difficult if you work with a turf management company. They can provide the following helpful services. 


A lot of homeowners confuse turfgrass with artificial grass and think it doesn't need water. That couldn't be further from the truth. To thrive for years, it needs to be watered on a consistent basis. This task will be easy when you just let a turf management company handle the watering.

They'll assess your particular turfgrass and its soil properties and then come up with an optimal watering schedule. It may be every week, every other week, or every month. This consistent watering schedule will help keep your turfgrass thriving for as long as possible. 


In order for turfgrass to really thrive, the soil needs to have ample air. If it doesn't, then your soil can get sick and this could lead to all sorts of turfgrass issues. Turf management companies can prevent this from happening thanks to their aeration services.

This is where the soil is moved and fractured to allow air through. These aeration methods also help rain water reach deep down in the roots of your turfgrass, which is needed for it to stay healthy and look great. Lastly, aeration from a turf management company will prevent the soil from compacting and causing your turfgrass to die. 


There will be times when your turfgrass grows to be too high, which can hurt your home's curb appeal. If you don't want to expend a lot of energy and time mowing, you can just work with a turf management company. Like watering, they'll devise a mowing schedule that works for your turfgrass, its soil, and your budget.

The turf management company also will use a special lawn mower with sharp blades so they won't damage the soil and affect the fertilization of your turfgrass. Every inch will be mowed in a methodical and safe manner so that you can have a peace of mind the entire time.

Turfgrass is becoming more and more popular for residential properties today. If your home has it and you don't have time to properly maintain it, talk to a turf management company near you. They're highly skilled when it comes to keeping turfgrass healthy and beautiful.