Lawn Edging Options

A definitive border that separates the lawn from the roadway will add a touch of finesse to your property and will demonstrate your attention to detail. Lawn edging includes using a tool to create a straight edge or a combination of using an edger in conjunction with some landscaping materials. Read on to learn more about lawn edging to beautify your property.

Pick an Edger

A manual, gas-powered, and electric-powered edger each contain a rotary cutting blade and a pole that is attached to a handle. A manual edger works best in small, flat areas. A gas-powered or an electric-powered edger will aid with edging a lawn quickly and accurately. The only drawback with an electric model is that a power supply will need to be within the vicinity of where the edging task will be performed. Otherwise, an extension cord will need to be used.

For a large lawn, an edger with a series of wheels on its base can be used. A rolling model, that is either powered by gas or electric, can be pushed along each edge of a lawn. A handle attachment will be secured to this type of edger and the connecting piece that secures the handle to the machinery may be slightly bent. A rolling edger should be used to trim grass that is growing on a flat parcel of land since it would be difficult to accurately move the edger up a steep incline or across a bumpy surface.

Choose the Design

A lawnmower will not effectively remove long strands of grass that are located along the edge of a yard; many people use a weed eater where overgrowth is thick. Your landscaping design can include a straight edge of grass blades or you can go for a more detailed style, which includes edging the lawn and using some landscaping materials to separate two distinct areas.

For example, if you would like to edge the grass that surrounds a flower bed and garden, but would like to add a more definitive border of flowers, mark a narrow section of the property that is next to the flower bed and garden and use colorful stones, gravel pieces, wood chips, or pavers, to create a border. After adding a uniform layer of the paving materials, move your edger along the grass edges that are on each side of the decorative border to trim the grass blades.