Four Tips To Help You Mill Lumber For Unique Projects To Do With Tree Removal Waste

Some people do not know that one of the major costs associated with tree removal is getting rid of the waste. Tree services will be happy to haul the material off for you for a fee, but can also leave it to let you deal with it and help you save. There are many things that can be done with the waste, such as reusing the timber to make your own lumber. Here are some tips to help you mill lumber out of your tree removal waste:

1. Choosing The Best Materials To Use To Cut Lumber

Before you get started milling lumber, you will want to find the best timbers to use. You will want to use the straightest trunks to cut materials from. Branches are usually not good because they can be weak and oddly shaped. If you have some hardwood with large straight branches, these may be good but can wear equipment because they tend to be hard.

2. Debarking The Logs To Reduce Wear On Chainsaws  

Before you start making cuts to the timber, you will want to remove the bark from the logs. This can be done using a pull-knife. This is a special knife that is used to pull towards you and scrape bark of the logs. You can also use a demolition bar tool to remove the bark. Debarking the logs will help reduce wear on cutting equipment, such as chainsaws.  

3. Using A Haddon Mill For Rough Cut Landscaping Timbers

There is also Haddon mill, which is an attachment for the chainsaw to guide your saw when milling logs. This is a tool that is simple to use and can help make rough cuts on the timbers. If you are planning on using some of the materials for landscaping, this can be a simple solution to mill the materials quickly to get them ready to use.

4. Cutting More Accurate Lumber With An Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

There are other chainsaw mill attachments that you can use to cut lumber from logs. An Alaskan chainsaw mill can be a great solution for cutting more accurate materials. You can also adjust this guide to cut wood with various dimensions for different uses. This can be a good solution if you want to make materials for various woodworking projects.

These are some tips to help you mill useable lumber out of your tree removal waste. If you have trees that need to be removed, contact a tree service (such as Pioneer Tree & Landscape, Inc.) and talk with them about keeping the timber for your own use and see if they give you a deal.