Landscaping Tips For Selling Your Home

The first impression a potential home buyer has of your home is what they see in your yard as they drive by or walk up to the front door. Make this a good first impression by doing some landscaping about a month before you put the house on the market. You'll improve the curb appeal and draw the attention of people just driving through looking for their next home. Here are some tips to get your home ready to sell.

1. Use containers to quickly add interest to patios and entryways.

Position medium to large containers with colorful plants and ferns around doorways, alongside walkways and on the patio and deck. These add some life and color to otherwise drab areas around the house.

2. Freshen up the mulch.

Put a new layer of mulch around trees, on flower beds and gardens. The color of the mulch contrasts with the plants and trees around it. The smell of new mulch gives the impression of a well cared for yard.

3. Replant the flower beds.

Flats of colorful annuals are inexpensive and can be easily used to refresh your flower beds, bare spaces next to the house, along fence lines and sidewalks and driveways. These make a home look warm and welcoming.

4 . Fix any water leaks.

Repair any dripping outside faucets or leaking sprinkler heads. Do this early during the planning of your home sale to give the ground around the leak a chance to dry thoroughly. Replace any topsoil or sod that was damaged or washed away by the leaks.

5. Have the trees trimmed and bushes shaped.

Hire a tree trimming service to remove dead limbs and cut back the canopy of the trees, especially if large limbs are hanging over the house and garage. Have all of the bushes trimmed back and shaped so they look nice are not an obstacle to people using the walkways.

6. Keep the yard looking nice while it's on the market.

Don't do all of this work to get your yard in shape and then let it get overgrown while the house is on the market. Have a lawn mowing service keep the grass short and edges trimmed weekly in case your house takes awhile to sell.

7. Power wash all dirty surfaces.

Keep the driveway, walkways, sidewalks and porches clean by power washing frequently. You can also power wash fences and the siding on your house to brighten it up. Do the power washing early in the morning to give surfaces time to dry before showing the house to potential buyers. To learn more, speak with a business like Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.