Need A New Lawn? Why Hydroseeding Is The Way To Go

If you're looking to get a beautiful lawn as soon as possible, hydroseeding is the way to go.  The hydroseeding process involves combining seed and mulch so you can coat the surface of your yard.  This dynamic duo results in grass and shrubbery that is healthy, green and gorgeous.  Learning more about the benefits of hydroseeding can help you determine if you should use this technique to get the yard of your dreams as soon as possible.

Hydroseeding Yields An Even Landscape

One of the most compelling reasons why you should use the hydroseeding process for your yard is because it results in an even landscape.  When you use the traditional seeding process, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you have achieved full coverage.  You won't have that problem when you hydroseed.

The reason why hydroseeding is a better alternative is because there is a dye added to the seed and mulch mixture.  You'll be able to see at a glance the spots in your yard that are not covered.  You can then easily go back through with the hydroseed to make sure that every inch of your landscape has been touched with the hydroseed mixture.  This helps you to avoid having patches of green grass that are surrounded by blank spots where only the soil is present.  There are few things as attractive as a sea of smooth, even grass, and hydroseeding can help you achieve this.

Hydroseeding Is The Time Effective Option

Another reason why you should choose hydroseeding is because it is time effective.  When you need a good looking yard in a hurry, hydroseeding is the right choice.

This is especially critical if you're planning to sell your home.  You need ultimate curb appeal, but may not have a lot of time to achieve the yard that buyers will be looking for.  While you can certainly install sod to get the instant gratification of an appealing yard, potential home buyers may not be so happy to learn that your landscaping is essentially "staged," and that there really isn't a true yard there.

With hydroseeding, you can begin to see growth in as few as seven days.  You'll have a yard that can be mowed and manicured in a shorter time than if you used traditional seeds, and won't have to explain to buyers that you have what almost amounts to a "fake" yard with sod.

Hydroseeding is the modern way to get a great looking yard without the wait.  Contact a landscaping technician or visit sites like as soon as possible so you can begin enjoying the benefits of hydroseeding.