Three Questions To Ask When Hiring A Snow-Removal Service

If the idea of shoveling your own snow throughout the entire winter doesn't seem appealing to you, you've certainly got enough justification. On average, more than 11,000 people visit hospital emergency rooms each winter due to injuries sustained while shoveling snow. A less-risky proposition is to hire a company like LP Stewart & Sons Inc to take care of the job for you. Instead of straining your back and freezing in the elements, you can be lying comfortably in your bed and listening to a tractor clear out your driveway before you have to leave for work. Once you've found a snow-removal service in your community, it's advantageous to ask these three questions.

What Is Your Plan For Protecting My Lawn?

The last thing you need to see when the snow melts in the spring is that your contractor's tractor has torn up the edges of your lawn. Ask for the contractor's plan for protecting the grass along the edges of the driveway. In return, you should hear a plan to have someone from the snow-removal service visit your home before the first snowfall of the year and line your driveway with markers. These long poles, which often have reflective panels at the top for greater visibility, will ensure that the person taking care of the snow removal can always see the position of the edge of the driveway.

How Much Does It Have To Snow Before You Visit?

It's not realistic to expect your contractor to visit your home after a light dusting that only amounts to a quarter of an inch of snow, but it is important for you to know how much accumulation is necessary before the contractor visits. Each contractor has a different policy in this regard, but it's common for the number to be in the vicinity of two or three inches. By knowing this amount, you'll be able to assess whether you'll have to clear your driveway on your own or whether you can expect the contractor to arrive shortly.

How Long After Each Snowfall Do You Arrive?

It's important to know how long it will take your contractor to arrive after each snowfall. While you shouldn't expect that the snow will be cleared instantly, you should have an expectation that the contractor will reach your home in a timely manner. Ask for his or her plan in this regard; it's common for a company's timeline to be 12 to 24 hours following the end of the snowfall.