Is It Time To Remove Your Tree?

Removing a tree can be a difficult task, at times. It pays to know exactly when it's the best time to remove your tree, but deciding when to do so can be just as difficult as the tree removal itself. There might be occasions where your tree needs a simple pruning, rather than being removed in total. This brief article will discuss a few occasions when it's definitely time to hire a company like Arborcare Tree Service to remove your tree from your lawn.

Out of Control Roots

Out of control, wild, or gnarled roots can sometimes be difficult to ascertain. It is rare that you will notice the symptoms of roots that are out of control before it is too late to do anything about the matter. You can notice gnarled roots when they begin poking out of the soil itself. Gnarled roots can do extreme damage to your lawn and adjacent trees and shrubbery. The best course of action to take when you notice wild roots is to have the tree removed in its entirety.

Dead Tree

It is usually easy enough to tell if the tree in question is dead. It will be dry, frail, and brittle, and will have the inability to grow leaves. You can usually easily break off branches from dead trees, though thicker branches may prove to be a bit of a problem. A dead tree on your property is not only aesthetically unpleasing, but it can also serve to drastically lower your property value and adjacent properties, as well. If there is a dead tree on your lawn, do the responsible thing for both you and your neighbors and have the tree removed.

Leaning Tree

A tree that is leaning towards the ground is usually a sign that it has been uprooted and is at risk for falling down. A leaning tree can be caused by a host of events, including heavy winds, erosion, or even rapidly fluctuating temperatures. Leaning trees can be a serious issue that can cause damage to your roof or other portions of your house, lawn, or any amenities you have on your property, like your pool. Worse yet, a leaning tree can potentially do damage to your next-door neighbor's property if the tree is adjacent to their home.

Removing a tree in any of these circumstances is generally the responsible thing to do. Not only for the safety of your family and yourself, but also for the entirety of your neighborhood, as most of the trees in these situations are of precarious stability.