Tips On Composting

When thinking about ways to develop your landscape design, consider the benefits of installing a compost box in your yard. Composting is a great way for you and your family to take care of the environment and help reduce waste. Additionally, with composting you will be putting waste from your kitchen and garden to good use, helping to develop rich, healthy soil. Composting is incredibly easy to do as long as you keep up with the small amount of maintenance that is required. Here are some tips and information to make your composting life run smoothly. 

Benefits of composting

The benefits of composting are huge and if you're an avid gardener then composting is certainly something that you want to take part in. With a good compost you'll be able to get rid of your organic waste and break it all down in an environmentally friendly way. Composting will help deliver nutrients found in your waste to your plants and vegetables, allowing your garden to flourish. 

What to compost

When composting, it is important to know what you can add to the compost bin and what you can't. In your compost bin you can add fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee and tea grounds and rinsed out egg shells, as well as shredded newspaper, sawdust, fallen leaves and fireplace debris. These items will break down organically and add nutrients to your soil.

Be sure to avoid putting animal products into your compost bin as they can cause harm to the compost. This includes meat, fat, bones, and dairy products.

How to compost

To start your compost bin you'll need an enclosed space. You can buy compost bins at your local hardware store or simply make one out of of wood. If you make one then be sure to split the bin into two sections: one for making compost and one for ready compost. The bin doesn't have to be fancy, just something that is enclosed and has a lid.

To make compost, start with a few inches of straw and top it off with some dry earth. You can simply add your compostable items to the pile at your convenience and mix it up using a shovel or a pitchfork. This will help to let in oxygen and circulate the compost, keeping it healthy.

It's important to keep your compost moist, but not too moist. If you find that the pile is drying out, simply spray it down with some water and mix it up. When the materials have broken down, you can add them to the finished compost section of your bin and use that to work into your soil. Contact a business, such as All Season Landscaping, for more information.