Across The Sea -- 5 Ways To Create A Mediterranean Garden At Home

While most people can't spend their whole year lounging on the Mediterranean coastline, you can get that feeling in your own backyard. How? By designing your own Mediterranean garden retreat at home. Here are 5 ideas to get you started turning your backyard into a sunny European haven. 

Design with Arches. Ever since the ancient Romans made arches cool and commonplace, this architectural feature has been an integral part of life around the Mediterranean Sea. How can you integrate them? Try adding -- or converting something into -- a loggia or portico (an Italian outdoor sitting area usually open to the air and attached to the side of a building) that features two or more symmetrical arches. 

Stone and Gravel. Mediterranean outdoor design features a lot of stone work to complement its greenery. To replicate this environment, opt for light-colored stone materials for your patio, outdoor room or garden walls. Complement the stone with pale gravel for walkways or even a sitting area. The crunch of gravel and the heaviness of hardscaping brings a cool outdoor feeling and offsets the greenery. 

Trees. When choosing your plants, shrubs and trees, look for authentic plants from the region. Olive trees are a perennial favorite and a good way to evoke a Mediterranean feel, as are cypress trees. Throw in some citrus fruit trees in the garden and some vines along the fences or hardscaping. 

Sculptures and Fountains. You can add a great Italian or Greek feeling to just about any garden by adding some statuary and interesting fountains. Ancient Greek or Roman statues -- usually of gods, goddesses, heroes, young ladies or wild animals -- create an easy focal point to your garden. Fountains are another fun addition to the yard. Look for bubbling pots, colorful terra cotta vases or mosaics that reflect the specific region you prefer. 

Colors. Depending on which side of the Mediterranean Sea you want to emulate, choosing the right colors can make or break your garden design. If you want to invoke memories of the Greek Islands, you'll want to focus on cobalt blue and stark white for outdoor structures, water features or entertainment spaces. Going for a more North African feeling? Try colorful mosaic tiles flanked by solid-colored geometric shapes. Italian or Southern French design may include more plants, flowering trees and a soft color palette of pastels and creamy shades. 

You can add details like these to help build your dream Mediterranean getaway; the result will be a place you can love and be proud to share with friends and family. Contact professionals like Hickory Lane Farm's Nursery & Landscape LLC for assistance and price quotes.