How To Learn Landscaping And Become Your Own Landscaper

When you see landscapers at work, you may be thinking to yourself, "I could do that. It does not look that hard. Just planting stuff here and there--that is all it is." Well, maybe it looks easy, but learning how to landscape properly and professionally is another story. If you would like to learn the art of landscaping and become your own personal landscaper, here is how.

Take a Summer Job with City Park Maintenance

Every spring, city park departments hire new crew members to drive from park to park, mow park lawns, tidy up the parks, care for the trees, bushes, plants and flowers, and plant new flowers and trees. Some of the landscaping is already planned out for you and your team members in advance, so it does not require much planning or design. Still, it is a good introduction to basic landscaping, since you will be learning some of the basics while you earn a summer paycheck.

Take Courses in Landscaping Design at a Technical or Vocational College

Some people are surprised to learn that landscaping design is actually available as a technical degree program. Students spend months learning about horticulture, soil types, balancing soil PH for different flowers and plants and protecting desired plants from weeds. They also learn yard and garden design, which makes aesthetically pleasing yards and gardens when the design drawings are fully realized. If you want to learn landscaping design and learn a few things about how landscapers and greenhouses keep things green and growing, then this might be a good option for you.

Get a Job with a Landscaping Company as a Landscaper's Assistant

Some people want to bypass the classroom education and go straight to the hands-on experience. While you will not be a full-fledged landscaper, working as a landscaper's assistant for a landscaping company will definitely teach you a lot about this line of work. A landscaper's assistant helps the landscaper load and unload the work truck for specific jobs, dig and till the earth, measure soil depth and even plant. While you are accomplishing these skills, the landscaper may teach you a thing or two about landscape design, the different types of edging to frame the landscaping in a yard or garden, and the different ways in which you can build up the landscaping to create special and unique effects, like a tiered garden or a water garden, complete with a fountain and Koi fish.

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