3 Different Hardscaping Features To Add To Your Landscape Design

While the living aspects of your landscape design, such as grass, flower, trees, and other types of plants are essential, the hardscaping features are going to be just as essential to creating a completed and finished look for your yard. There are so many different things that you can incorporate into your landscape design for your hardscaping, and many of them are going to look great. This article will discuss 3 different hardscaping features that you can consider adding to your landscape design. 


A very common, but very important hardscaping feature to add to your landscape design are going to be sidewalks. Sidewalks are going to frame in your front yard with your driveway, and are going to tie your home in with the other homes in the neighborhood. Sidewalks can be just as important in your backyard as well because they can lead to different areas in your backyard, such as your patio, you gazebo, a playground area, or whatever else you may have in your backyard. You can also customize your different sidewalks by using stones or bricks instead of the traditional concrete.


If you live in an area where it is warm most of the year, then having a pool installed in your backyard as part of your hardscaping is a great idea. You can determine the layout of the pool, as well as any added feature that it has, such as slides, waterfalls, etc. This pool is going to create hours of fun for family and friends, and is a great way to take up the space on your property with something that is both fun and useful. You can tie the pool in with other great hardscape features, such as a hot tub, cement or stone flooring to go around the pool area, fencing to secure the pool, and more. 

Cement Slab 

Another awesome hardscaping feature to have installed is a cement slab. The great thing about having a cement slab is that it can be used for so many different things. You can use the cement slab as a basketball court, a tennis court, or some other sporting area. You can also set up a playground set, tables and chairs for entertaining, a gazebo, and the list goes on and on. You get to choose the dimensions of your cement slab as well, so you can simply create whatever is going to work for you and successfully fulfill its purpose. 

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