Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Landscape Design

There are plenty of reasons why you should pay attention to your home’s landscaping. An attractive landscape will add value to your home in addition to enhancing the curb appeal of your property. If you are looking to sell your home, landscaping will help you stand out from other homes on the market. Landscape design can also increase privacy and make your property safer. Here are three tips that will help you get the most out of your landscape design.

How Professional Lawn Mowing Service Can Help You Care for Your Lawn

If you own a home or business with a lawn, you can ensure better care for your grass by hiring professionals to handle all the lawn mowing work. These professionals can mow small and large lawns in the front, back, and side yards using equipment that will trim the grass without harming the roots. By hiring these professionals to do the lawn mowing work for you, you’ll be able to ensure better quality grass throughout the entire year.

Five Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid On A Hill

A hill or steep slope in the yard is going to be prone to erosion. Certain mistakes can make the problem worse, so it’s best to know how to avoid them. 1. Large Plants Large plants, like trees and larger bushes, can pose a major issue on a steep slope. The weight of the plant itself can lead to a slope collapse in heavy rains or high winds, for example. Another issue is that larger plants tend to suck more moisture out of the soil, which makes slopes less stable and more prone to erosion or collapse.

Five Basic Land Clearing Steps

If you are building on your own land, one of the first tasks that need to be done is land clearing. The following are the basic steps of this process. 1. Large Tree Removal The first task is to remove the large trees on the land. If the trees have any value, you may choose to sell them to a timber company who will then handle the removal. If the trees don’t have value, they will either be cut down if there are only a few trees, or they will be pushed over with heavy equipment.

Lawn Edging Options

A definitive border that separates the lawn from the roadway will add a touch of finesse to your property and will demonstrate your attention to detail. Lawn edging includes using a tool to create a straight edge or a combination of using an edger in conjunction with some landscaping materials. Read on to learn more about lawn edging to beautify your property. Pick an Edger A manual, gas-powered, and electric-powered edger each contain a rotary cutting blade and a pole that is attached to a handle.

Information On Land Clearing

There are many reasons why you may need to clear your land. In most cases, the decision may be all yours, but in others, you may find yourself pushed to have the land cleared. Here are some of the different reasons why many people have their land cleared so you can better determine if the time has come for you to clear yours as well. Make the land safer Land clearing might be more about aesthetics in some areas.

Design a Landscape That Appeals to All Five Senses

A sensory landscape design encourages the use of all five senses when one is in the garden or yard. This can make time spent outdoors feel more enjoyable and fulfilling because you will be thoroughly immersed in the beauty of the landscape. The following can help you understand a few common tactics for designing a landscape that appeals to the senses. Scent Scent is one of the easiest senses to incorporate into the garden.

Landscaping Recommendations To Control And Manage Your Yard Drainage

The appearance of your home’s exterior and yard is important for you to maintain, but the drainage of your yard is just as important. You don’t want improper roof runoff and water flow after a rain storm to create a harbor for mosquito larvae or to seep into your home’s foundation and cause interior moisture problems. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your yard drainage flowing well to prevent standing water and its related problems.

How You Can Boost Curb Appeal For Your Business With Landscaping

For businesses, first impressions are very important, and making a good first impression begins with ensuring the building’s exterior looks good and is well maintained. With a little bit of knowledge and creativity and the assistance of a landscaping professional, you will learn that there are actually a lot of different ways that you can add curb appeal to your commercial property with landscaping. Here are three things you can do.

3 Ways To Add A Natural Ambiance To Your Yard Through Custom Landscaping

While some people may like their yard to look very polished and neatly landscaped, others may be looking for a way to have the landscaping look more natural. If you’ve been itching for a way to update your landscaping so that it looks natural for the climate and region that you live in, there’re a lot of projects that you can work on. Rather than handling everything alone or hiring just any landscaper, look into the following ways that custom landscaping can get your yard to turn out great.

Spring Pruning For Your Landscape Trees

Early spring is the time to get your landscape trees ready for a season of growth and beauty. Understanding the basic types of trimming your trees may need can help ensure that the plants continue to grow well and healthy. Winter Damage Winter damage is one of the first things many people think of when it comes to spring pruning. Late winter, before the buds begin to break open, is the best time to cut out broken branches and obvious deadwood.

Five Ways Hiring A Residential Landscaping Company Will Improve Your Life

Many homeowners don’t have enough time to handle all of the work in and around their homes. With busy work schedules, family events, and not enough free time, landscaping needs are often completely ignored. If you feel like your yard always looks a mess, and you’re sick of not having enough time to mow the lawn, weed, or rake leaves, you should know that professionals can help. Hiring a residential landscaping company can greatly improve your life.

3 Useful Services A Turf Management Company Can Provide To Residential Properties

Turfgrass is beloved by many homeowners because of the rich green colors it provides, helping them elevate their curb appeal. It does require some maintenance, though, which won’t be difficult if you work with a turf management company. They can provide the following helpful services.  Watering A lot of homeowners confuse turfgrass with artificial grass and think it doesn’t need water. That couldn’t be further from the truth. To thrive for years, it needs to be watered on a consistent basis.

Brining New Life Back Into Your Aging Masonry Work

Is the masonry work around your home beginning to look aged? Is it taking away from the overall curb appeal of your home? If your masonry work has seen better days, it’s time to start coming up with a plan to undo the damage of time. Here, you’ll find a few tips that can help you do just that. Contact a Masonry Contractor The fastest, easiest way to get the damage undone is to contact a contractor for masonry services.

How To Maintain Your Brick Wall Over The Years

Drive around your town, and you will probably see a good number of brick walls being used decoratively, as fences, or even as parts of buildings. Some of them will be in great condition, whereas others may be basically crumbling. What’s the difference? Why do some brick walls look great for decades, whereas others start looking a wreck after just a few years? It mostly comes down to maintenance. Here are some ways to provide your brick walls with the best care so they continue to look great for years to come.

Tired Of Mowing Your Lawn? 5 Reasons To Have A Remote Control Lawn Mower Do The Work For You

If you’re still mowing your lawn with an ordinary mower, you need to switch to remote control. Remote control lawn mowers make it much easier to maintain the appearance of your lawn. Before you bring your lawn mower out of storage, here are five reasons you should be using a remote control mower instead. Get Your Yard Done Quicker If you’re tired of your weekends being taken up with yard maintenance, you need to eliminate some of the work.

4 Tips To Help Your Trees Survive Drought

Drought affects your plants and grass more quickly than it affects stalwart trees, but in a very dry season, trees will suffer, and they often suffer longer. Droughts can affect a tree’s growth for years to come, so doing what you can prevent the effects of drought will help to protect your tree.  Here are some simple tips to help your tree survive drought. 1. Use drip irrigation.  Drip irrigation is a better watering method than just using a hose, sprinkler, or bucket to water your trees.

Six Tips To Wake Up Your Landscape In Late Winter

Late winter is the time to prepare your landscaping for the coming of spring. As the snow melts and the days get longer, time outside can be enjoyable as well as necessary. The following tips can help you know what tasks need to be performed at this time. Tip #1: Prune your evergreens Cut back evergreen hedges before the flush of new growth in spring. Not only does this ensure that the hedges look good come summer, there also won’t be a lot of messy sap since the hedges are still semi-dormant.

3 Different Hardscaping Features To Add To Your Landscape Design

While the living aspects of your landscape design, such as grass, flower, trees, and other types of plants are essential, the hardscaping features are going to be just as essential to creating a completed and finished look for your yard. There are so many different things that you can incorporate into your landscape design for your hardscaping, and many of them are going to look great. This article will discuss 3 different hardscaping features that you can consider adding to your landscape design.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Tackle Tree Removal On Your Own

Do you have a large tree near your house that needs to be removed? Are you trying to decide whether to take out the tree yourself or whether it’s worth it to hire someone to do this for you? Getting rid of a tree can be a big decision for many people. If you’re not sure whether or not you should hire anybody to do it for you, here are some important reasons why you shouldn’t tackle tree removal on your own:

Trying To Minimize Business Expenses? Create A Landscape That Is Inexpensive To Maintain

One-time costs certainly play a role in your business expenses each year, but it is usually the recurring expenditures that add up and make up most of what you spend as a whole. This includes costs varying from employees and utilities to building maintenance and landscape upkeep. Being able to save money on these expenses can have a noticeable impact on your overall success because it reduces how much money you need to generate in order to be making profit on a consistent basis.

2 Reasons To Hire A Commercial Landscaping Service

One of the most useful services to take advantage of as a business owner is a commercial landscaping service, mostly because they will be able to offer you a wide range of benefits. Listed below are two reasons to hire a commercial landscaping service.  Create A Lawn That Uses Little Water A major concern that many commercial property owners have is trying to save as much money as possible, but that can be quite difficult if you are attempting to water and maintain a large piece of greenery in or near your facility.

Want to Attract Birds to Your Yard? Three Tips for Making Your Trees Draw Them In

Attracting birds to your yard can be a fantastic way to enjoy watching wildlife right in your own yard, but it can come with some confusion if you’re interested in getting tree services done. If you want to make sure that the trees look beautifully cared for and won’t have support issues later, along with making sure that the wildlife feels welcome, it’s important that you look into what you can do to care for the trees on your property.

2 Ways To Use Concrete In Your Garden

Spending time landscaping your home’s exterior can result in the creation of an outdoor living space that you will enjoy spending time in. If you are looking to maintain a modern design aesthetic in your yard, incorporating concrete into your garden can be a simple way to achieve this goal. Here are two simple projects you can complete using concrete that will elevate the design of your garden in the future.

Integrate Your Backyard Chickens Into Your Landscaping With These Ideas

Backyard chickens are becoming all the rage, and adding them to your yard doesn’t mean it has to look like a farm. Instead, you can integrate your chicken coop into the rest of your landscaping. Here’s some ideas to inspire you: 1. Make a chicken island. Most municipalities that allow backyard chickens have setback rules outlining how close the chickens can be to your property line. As a result, that can sometimes limit you from placing your chicken coop in a corner of your yard, but it can also inspire you to create a chicken island or a small area completely devoted to chickens in the middle of your yard.

How To Learn Landscaping And Become Your Own Landscaper

When you see landscapers at work, you may be thinking to yourself, “I could do that. It does not look that hard. Just planting stuff here and there–that is all it is.” Well, maybe it looks easy, but learning how to landscape properly and professionally is another story. If you would like to learn the art of landscaping and become your own personal landscaper, here is how. Take a Summer Job with City Park Maintenance

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Caring For Your Yard

Taking care of your lawn is incredibly important. Having a good yard can increase property values, keep the bugs away, and make your house look more presentable. One of the problems that many homeowners have is keeping their grass looking green and full. Many of them make critical mistakes when it comes to the simple care of their lawn. Here are some mistakes to avoid so that your lawn will look as nice as possible.

Has Your Yard Become The Watery Deep? 3 Steps To Solving The Problem

Dealing with a wet yard is a normal ritual after rains or during the winter. But if you’re suffering from a perpetually wet yard, you may need to tackle the problem in a more permanent way. So, what can you do to dry out a swampy area of your yard? Here are 3 steps to get you going.  Assess the Source Observe the wet areas to determine where the water is coming from, how it flows and how long it stays.

3 Ways To Protect The Foundation Of Your Home

Even the nicest of homes can be destroyed when their foundation shifts or is otherwise destroyed. Your home needs a solid foundation if you expect it to stand for quite some time. But, how can you make sure the foundation of your home is steady and secure? There are a few simple tips and tricks you can implement to make sure the foundation is well-kept and built to last for years.

How To Protect Your Plants From Lawn Maintenance Equipment Damage

Damage from lawn mowers and weed trimmers can cause irreparable harm to your landscape plants. It is ultimately your job to protect your precious plants from possible mechanical damage from lawn maintenance equipment. The Damage That Lawn Care Equipment Can Do Mowing too close to trees can cause the mower deck to hit the trunk and remove bark. Mowing too low over exposed roots leaves broken bark and can sometimes cut into the root.

Two Landscaping Tips To Help Your Yard Avoid Problems

The quality of the landscaping around your house can play an important role in determining the overall aesthetics of the property as well as ensuring that erosion is controlled. Unfortunately, many first-time homeowners may not have experience with landscaping, and this might lead them to make some simple mistakes that can have major consequences for both their lawns and their homes. To avoid these issues, you can use the following couple of tips.

Two Ideas For Maintaining A Beautiful Yard During A Drought

About 30 percent of the average family’s water usage is used for outdoor purposes, with up to 50 percent of that amount used to maintain yards and gardens. Whether you’re trying to conserve water because of city restrictions triggered by drought or you just want to reduce your water bill, reducing or eliminating the amount of water used on the yard can be significantly helpful. However, there’s no need to let your yard turn into a barren wasteland.

Pressure Washing Questions Homeowners Often Need Answered

A home represents a major investment that must be properly maintained to ensure that it retains its value. Unfortunately, some homeowners may overlook all of the steps required to keep a home in good condition. In particular, it is common for homeowners to overlook pressure washing the exterior, which can lead to some issues for the house. After you learn the following couple of answers to questions about pressure washing, you will find that you are in a stronger position to make sound choices for keeping your home beautiful.

The Most Effective Natural Ways To Rid Your Lawn Of Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs thrive on lawns all over the U.S., sucking the life out of the stems and leaves of your grass. If left untreated, they can destroy your lawn in a matter of months. They are especially active in hot, dry weather, and using chemicals to treat them also destroys natural chinch bug predators and upsets your lawn’s ecosystem. Natural methods usually take care of the problem safely and quickly.

Across The Sea -- 5 Ways To Create A Mediterranean Garden At Home

While most people can’t spend their whole year lounging on the Mediterranean coastline, you can get that feeling in your own backyard. How? By designing your own Mediterranean garden retreat at home. Here are 5 ideas to get you started turning your backyard into a sunny European haven.  Design with Arches. Ever since the ancient Romans made arches cool and commonplace, this architectural feature has been an integral part of life around the Mediterranean Sea.

Tips On Composting

When thinking about ways to develop your landscape design, consider the benefits of installing a compost box in your yard. Composting is a great way for you and your family to take care of the environment and help reduce waste. Additionally, with composting you will be putting waste from your kitchen and garden to good use, helping to develop rich, healthy soil. Composting is incredibly easy to do as long as you keep up with the small amount of maintenance that is required.

Landscaping Tips For Plants In Your Yard

If you are looking to landscape or renovate your yard, then there are a number of different approaches that you can take. You could try to improve the aesthetics of your yard, make it easier to maintain, or just try to save some money on long-term maintenance. To help you figure out the best route for you and your house, here are some ways that you can adjust the plant life in your yard to fit those needs:

4 Tips For Opening Up A Bed And Breakfast

Owning a bed and breakfast is the dream of many people– there is something intriguing about the notion of meeting people from around the world and getting to live in a beautiful place that people love to visit. But getting a bed and breakfast up and running is also a lot of hard work, and there are many things that you must remember if you want to be a success. After you find a great property, use the following tips to open up your bed and breakfast:

How To Design Your Landscaping To Make Snow Cleanup Easier

While most people like walking through an open field covered in snow, few people like when snow falls on their house and they have to dig out. Did you ever stop to think that your landscaping design might be making you spend more time on the unenjoyable chore and less time actually enjoying the snow? Here are some landscaping moves you can make to make the cleanup job easier. Keep Your Paths Smooth and Open

Two Natural And Safe Solutions To Get Rid Of Fungus Growth On Your Tree

Trees are a lot like humans. Other than the basic similarities of needing water and oxygen to survive, scientists are now seeing that trees and humans also have six identical active components, both have cellular respiration and both trees and humans have highly evolved immune systems. So if trees have immune systems, that means they are just as susceptible to diseases as humans. One of the most common health issues that trees face is fungal infection.

Is It Time To Remove Your Tree?

Removing a tree can be a difficult task, at times. It pays to know exactly when it’s the best time to remove your tree, but deciding when to do so can be just as difficult as the tree removal itself. There might be occasions where your tree needs a simple pruning, rather than being removed in total. This brief article will discuss a few occasions when it’s definitely time to hire a company like Arborcare Tree Service to remove your tree from your lawn.

5 Ways To Create A Rain Garden Ideal For Yards With A Dog

If your landscaping is being negatively affected due to rainwater, it is important that you set up some kind of drainage system to divert water away from your home and plants that should not be watered so often. A great option for diverting rainwater is creating a rain garden in your yard. Not only can one of these gardens help improve the appearance of your yard, it can also be a safe option for the landscaping if you have a dog that spends time in the yard.

Get Cooking This Summer: 4 Tips For Creating Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking in your own outdoor kitchen can be a great way to spend more time outdoors and entertain friends and family. It can even add to the property value of your home. If you intend on doing most of the designing and shopping yourself, you need to take your time to consider which features are the most important to you and how your budget should be used. With the following tips in mind, you can make the most of your outdoor space to create a kitchen that you will love spending time in.

Getting Started With Renovating Your Yard

If you are looking into landscape renovations for your yard, then there are quite a few different ways that you can approach the task at hand. You might want to focus on adding new plants, changing the layout, or even something as drastic as adding a pool. To help you decide how you want to tackle the problem, here are some tips to think about when it comes to renovating your yard:

Three Questions To Ask When Hiring A Snow-Removal Service

If the idea of shoveling your own snow throughout the entire winter doesn’t seem appealing to you, you’ve certainly got enough justification. On average, more than 11,000 people visit hospital emergency rooms each winter due to injuries sustained while shoveling snow. A less-risky proposition is to hire a company like LP Stewart & Sons Inc to take care of the job for you. Instead of straining your back and freezing in the elements, you can be lying comfortably in your bed and listening to a tractor clear out your driveway before you have to leave for work.

Need A New Lawn? Why Hydroseeding Is The Way To Go

If you’re looking to get a beautiful lawn as soon as possible, hydroseeding is the way to go.  The hydroseeding process involves combining seed and mulch so you can coat the surface of your yard.  This dynamic duo results in grass and shrubbery that is healthy, green and gorgeous.  Learning more about the benefits of hydroseeding can help you determine if you should use this technique to get the yard of your dreams as soon as possible.

Diseases That Target Pacific Silver Firs

Pacific silver firs are a pretty ornamental alternative to traditional firs for homeowners along the western coast of the United States or Canada. The silver fir gets its name from the soft, papery, silver-gray bark that makes the tree stand out from other firs while still retaining that Christmas-time look and scent. If you are on the market for a Pacific silver fir or recently added one to your yard, there are a few tree diseases to watch for in order to keep your tree in optimal help.

These Store Bought Plants Can Ruin Your Yard

If you are someone who loves gardening, plants, and flowers, then it may be hard for you to resist plants for sale in the store. However, you will want to do some research before you put just any plant in your yard or garden. Something that you buy on a whim in the store could actually ruin your landscape. Here are some popular store bought plants that you should be wary of.

3 Tips For Keeping Your Plants Well Hydrated

If you would like to make sure that your landscape plants are as lush as they can be, then you need to make sure that your plants are staying well hydrated. An easy way to do that is to take some time to learn about some of the following tips that you can implement. Have A Sprinkler System Installed Having a sprinkler system installed in your yard is a good way to make sure that all of your flowers, bushes, and even your grass receives enough water.

Three Of The Most Common Things People Do Wrong When They Water Their Lawn

Watering is absolutely vital to your lawn’s health, but it’s not enough to just water. You’ve got to make sure you’re doing it properly, or you could end up just wasting your time (or damaging your lawn). While watering a lawn seems pretty simple, there’s actually a lot of science that goes in to it. Here’s a look at three of the most common mistakes that people make when watering their lawn, and what you can do to avoid them.

Landscaping Tips For Selling Your Home

The first impression a potential home buyer has of your home is what they see in your yard as they drive by or walk up to the front door. Make this a good first impression by doing some landscaping about a month before you put the house on the market. You’ll improve the curb appeal and draw the attention of people just driving through looking for their next home. Here are some tips to get your home ready to sell.

Aging In Place? Tips For Hiring A Lawn Care Service

Aging in place allows you to continue enjoying your home without the need to move into an assisted living facility. While some changes may need to be made to the inside of your home, for many the real concern is keeping up with exterior home maintenance. This can be especially worrisome if you used to do all of your own yard work. Fortunately, the right residential lawn mowing or landscaping crew, like the ones at The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping LLC , can help relieve your worries.

Learn How To Properly Edge Your Flowerbeds With Edging Pavers

Having a beautifully manicured lawn requires you to create borders around the edges of your flowerbeds. If you do not create a border around your flowerbed, the mulch that you use will wash into the yard whenever it rains, which can create quite a mess. The following guide walks you through the quick and easy process for edging your flowerbeds with edging pavers. Rake Your Mulch The first thing you need to do is rake your mulch away from the edges to the center of the flowerbed.

Just Moved To An Older Home? 4 Reasons To Start Using Tree Trimming Services

Enjoying living in an older home after moving can be difficult if the landscaping hasn’t been taken care of and the trees are overgrown. As a new homeowner, you may be worried about the amount of work that tree trimming requires in order for the job to be done well. While professional help will take an initial investment of money, consider the following reasons why their help can be invaluable.

Ideas For Adding A Gazebo To Your Backyard

A gazebo is a classic addition to landscape architecture. The freestanding, octagonal structure provides shade and comfort while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. While the traditional gazebo is a solid structure with a pitched roof and open sides, there are many customization options for adding one to your backyard. Add a gazebo to enhance your enjoyment of outdoor living. Classic Gazebo A classically styled gazebo creates images of romance.

Making Your New Yard Look Great

When you move into a new home, you want to make sure you get your yard looking as good as possible. It should be landscaped in a way that makes you proud when you look out your window and when you pull up from an outing. This article will give you some ideas on how you can add to your landscaping to improve the entire look of your yard. Line the borders with flowers

The Perks Of Artificial Turf

Natural grass lawns require a lot of water to stay green throughout the seasons. Many people invest in artificial turf on their residential property because they love having a consistently green lawn throughout the year. Many homeowners are not yet completely sold on artificial turf. This article explains the many perks of investing in artificial turf. Water-Saving The US EPA estimates that most households devote 30-60% of their water use to the outside of their house.

Four Tips To Help You Mill Lumber For Unique Projects To Do With Tree Removal Waste

Some people do not know that one of the major costs associated with tree removal is getting rid of the waste. Tree services will be happy to haul the material off for you for a fee, but can also leave it to let you deal with it and help you save. There are many things that can be done with the waste, such as reusing the timber to make your own lumber.