4 Tips To Help Your Trees Survive Drought

Drought affects your plants and grass more quickly than it affects stalwart trees, but in a very dry season, trees will suffer, and they often suffer longer. Droughts can affect a tree’s growth for years to come, so doing what you can prevent the effects of drought will help to protect your tree.  Here are some simple tips to help your tree survive drought. 1. Use drip irrigation.  Drip irrigation is a better watering method than just using a hose, sprinkler, or bucket to water your trees.

Six Tips To Wake Up Your Landscape In Late Winter

Late winter is the time to prepare your landscaping for the coming of spring. As the snow melts and the days get longer, time outside can be enjoyable as well as necessary. The following tips can help you know what tasks need to be performed at this time. Tip #1: Prune your evergreens Cut back evergreen hedges before the flush of new growth in spring. Not only does this ensure that the hedges look good come summer, there also won’t be a lot of messy sap since the hedges are still semi-dormant.