How Professional Lawn Mowing Service Can Help You Care for Your Lawn

If you own a home or business with a lawn, you can ensure better care for your grass by hiring professionals to handle all the lawn mowing work. These professionals can mow small and large lawns in the front, back, and side yards using equipment that will trim the grass without harming the roots. By hiring these professionals to do the lawn mowing work for you, you’ll be able to ensure better quality grass throughout the entire year.

Five Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid On A Hill

A hill or steep slope in the yard is going to be prone to erosion. Certain mistakes can make the problem worse, so it’s best to know how to avoid them. 1. Large Plants Large plants, like trees and larger bushes, can pose a major issue on a steep slope. The weight of the plant itself can lead to a slope collapse in heavy rains or high winds, for example. Another issue is that larger plants tend to suck more moisture out of the soil, which makes slopes less stable and more prone to erosion or collapse.